Are You Crazy For Cranberries?

Did you know that cranberries are very nutritious

The holiday season is approaching and fresh, frozen and canned cranberries take a prominent display position in the supermarkets.  Did you know that researchers are now classifying cranberries as a super phytonutrient fruit right up there with blueberries?  So if you are not crazy about cranberries,

Activities For People With Dementia

Are Activities Important For People With Dementia?

Scheduling routine activities can provide meaningful tasks for people who have dementia.  Activities should be categorized as those that focus on work related tasks that people engaged in prior to dementia.  These activities can be either job related, leisure, socialization, or home maintenance activities. 

Three Preventable Reasons Elderly Get Hospitalized

What are the three main preventable reasons elderly get hospitalized?

There are three primary reasons the elderly are taken to hospital ER; falls, dehydration, and medication errors.  In the past month I have attended two Conferences, one in the U.S, and the other in Canada. The aforementioned have been cited as the top three preventable reasons elderly are hospitalized. 

Covid-19 Response

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