March Is Social Worker Month, So Kudos To All Social Workers

Who are Social Workers?

When you meet a social worker, they are individuals who have a degree, Bachelor of Social work (BSW), or a Masters of Social Work (MSW).  In some cases, they may have a degree in sociology, psychology, or an education degree and are able to find entry level jobs in social work.  In most states, social workers are required to be licensed, registered, or certified.  A licensed clinical social worker generally must take an exam and complete at least two years of supervised clinical experience.  It is a good field for someone to be in as the U.S. Department of Labor expects the number of social work jobs to grow faster than average job growth over the next ten years.

Where does one find Social Workers these days?image-social-worker-month-2014

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the majority of social workers are working in health care and in the social assistance field.  They can be found in hospitals, mental health clinics, and private practice.  The rest of them work for the government at the state and local level performing child welfare assessments, helping people needing public assistance, and individuals that have come into contact with the criminal justice system.

The focus of their work is to help individuals improve their lives, and thereby improve the society as a whole.  Social Workers act as advocates for their clients and often direct individuals to resources where they can learn life, social, and work skills.  Sometimes their role is to educate individuals in more effective life skills.  For example, a social worker in the school setting would work with children and their families to treat adjustment issues in social, emotional, and academic areas.

Do Social Workers work in home health?

Social Workers often work in medical and hospice home health agencies.  The role of the social worker is to assess social, emotional, and financial factors that may impede with healing or for the adult of senior to achieve functional independence. In hospice home health, they provide social, emotional, and grief counseling to the patient and/or family.  The social worker will also educate the adult or senior with community resources to facilitate in resolving patient concerns or problems.

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