Three Preventable Reasons Elderly Get Hospitalized

What are the three main preventable reasons elderly get hospitalized?

There are three primary reasons the elderly are taken to hospital ER; falls, dehydration, and medication errors.  In the past month I have attended two Conferences, one in the U.S, and the other in Canada. The aforementioned have been cited as the top three preventable reasons elderly are hospitalized. 

Tips For Communicating With A Dementia Patient

Why is it difficult to communicate with someone with dementia?

People with dementia from Alzheimer’s disease or other related dementias, manifest a gradual
loss of mental functioning affecting memory, reasoning, and thinking. 

The progressive brain disorder makes it more difficult for the person affected with dementia to remember things,

Seniors, Their Pets, And Heat-Related Illness

As seniors becoming increasingly more ill and disabled, it becomes more difficult for them to care for their elderly pets.  Their elderly pets require greater care needs with the development of chronic illness, pain, incontinence, and difficulty getting around. 

Non-medical agencies like AA Care Services can assist the senior citizen to meet the basic care needs of their pets,

When Do You Know You Have Found The Right Agency To Assist Your Elderly Parents At Home?

The decision to have someone come into your home and care for yourself or a loved one is one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make.

The most important, and even critical, questions a client or family needing in-home care for their elderly parent should ask include:

  • Who can we trust to care for our elderly parent(s)?

When Should Seniors Stop Driving?

As a Geriatric Care Manager I often get asked “when should I take away the keys to my Mom or Dad’s car?  The answer is, there is no clear answer as we all age differently. There are however, some factors you should consider in your decision which I have outlined below.

You should consider the following to help you decide:

  • Has there been an increase in the number of fender benders?

Covid-19 Response

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