This Season… No Gifts, Just Hugs And Kisses For Seniors

This season forget the gifts, just give hugs and kisses to Seniors!

image-chat-over-coffee (1)Often this time of the year causes sadness, loneliness and increased isolation for our Seniors. Families are preoccupied with the gift buying, parties, and generally in a rush.

Seniors are no longer in a rush! They sit and wait to hear the phone ring, or for someone to drop by to share a kind word, give them a hug, or just touch their hand.

As the owner of a private duty home health agency, I witness this every day. Whether the Senior is living in a private residence or in a retirement community; they crave attention and want to feel like “they still matter”. In all my years of caring for Seniors at home, I have never been rejected for offering a hug, touching a hand, singing a song, or listening to them share snippets of their life.

Many Seniors don’t care anymore about the tangibles of life, they don’t care about gifts. They care about feeling wanted, respected and loved. So instead of wasting time shopping for gifts for them, spend that same time talking on the phone or visiting them. Speak words of kindness and love to a Senior. Or, just sit quietly with them, share a hug, hold a hand, or flash them a big heartfelt smile.

Trust me; you will leave feeling like “you have been touched by an angel.”

Helen Trowsdale, President of AA Care Services, is a nurse administrator with over 30 years of experience as a BSN, psychiatric nurse, and geriatric care manager with adults as well as pediatrics in hospitals, private duty home health care agencies, and residential home health care. Her team of caregivers are dedicated to serving their clients with home care in San Antonio, New Braunfels, and Austin; providing clients with consistent, quality care while minimizing the number of caregivers in the home. Learn more about AA Care Services.

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