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What Do You Know About Respite Care For The Elderly?

Do you know that being a constant caregiver to a beloved family member can lead to burnout?

Many family caregivers need a break to avoid burnout. Respite care is temporary care to your loved one provided by others. The respite care provider offers the family caregiver that much needed rest and relief from being the sole caregiver. Respite care can be provided in the home, or an outside private organization for a few hours per day or all day. Respite care can be occasional like during holidays or it can be ongoing.

Burnout to a full time caregiver can have negative consequences to the care recipient. When caregivers become weary and tired their eating and sleeping may suffer. The caregiver may become depressed and even start drinking, attempting to relieve their stress. Once the caregiver is completely burnt out, they will not be able to provide care resulting in neglect, or may even harm the care recipient with verbal or physical abuse.

photo-blog-respite-care-flowersHow can a family caregiver prevent burnout?

Burnout can be prevented by simply taking some breaks for even a few hours per day. A non-medical home care agency Caregiver can be hired to provide that much needed break. Hiring a caregiver for four hours per day allows the family caregiver to leave the home, or remain at home, or just take time to smell the flowers. The hired Caregivers can be completely trusted to care for the Care Recipient to meet all their unique care needs.


So where can I find a respite care provider?

A question frequently asked is “whom can I trust” and “who can provide Respite Care?” Here are a few options of respite care providers:


  • Friends and family members are considered informal respite care providers. They can remain with the care recipient for a few hours or over a weekend. Community organizations such as churches may have people who will volunteer to provide respite care.
  • Nonmedical home care agencies can provide respite care. A caregiver that has been screened by the agency can be trusted, and the agency is typically insured and bonded. The home care aide can help with personal care, meal preparation, medication reminder, housework and companionship. Home Care can be one time only, daily, or based on family need.
  • Adult Day Care is another option available on Monday through Friday, daily, or just one to two days per week. The day care provides activities, exercise, meals, and the chance to be with other people.
  • Assisted living and nursing home facilities may offer respite care for a few days, weekend, or for a few weeks. The facility offers the Caregiver an opportunity to take a vacation or recover from a health problem. The facility will provide all the care needs the individual will require.
  • In Texas the above mentioned Respite care providers are licensed by the State of Texas, and have strict regulations when providing care to a senior.

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