When Do You Know You Have Found The Right Agency To Assist Your Elderly Parents At Home?


The decision to have someone come into your home and care for yourself or a loved one is one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make.

The most important, and even critical, questions a client or family needing in-home care for their elderly parent should ask include:

  • Who can we trust to care for our elderly parent(s)?
  • What are the credentials of the person who will perform the assessment and what type of caregivers will they send as a result?
  • Will the caregivers and the agency treat my parent(s) with respect and will they communicate on a regular basis with the family?
  • Will the agency be able to give me peace of mind, especially when family does not live in the same state?
  • Does the agency assign supervisors to oversee the quality of care that their clients are receiving in the home?
  • Who can the family or client call with questions or concerns?
  • How does the agency follow up on and resolve problems?

At AA Care Services, our guiding principle is that our customer is the BOSS, and we will listen, educate, advocate, and provide services that you or your elderly parent need.

A nurse will meet in the home with you and your elderly parent to assess all care needs including functional, cognitive, social, household, and transportation needs; just to name a few.

That same nurse has years of experience working with the elderly.  They will listen and can anticipate your care needs based on the home and personal assessment and can make recommendations for other services such as bill paying services, home/yard maintenance and repair, medical or long term care insurance questions, financial planners, and elder attorneys.

The following testimonial letter, written by a family member about their parents illustrates the type of assessment and services that a quality home care agency can provide:


I wanted to thank you again for all the assistance you have provided not only for my Mom and step-father but also to the immediate family, my sister Stephanie and myself.

I wanted to commend you on the care givers that have attended to Carol & Jim over the last several months.  I met Debra, the current primary care giver, on my most recent trip to San Antonio.   She does an excellent job of attending to their needs and my Mom & Jim are both appreciative and very comfortable with her.  They are so accustomed now to her care, that they would not be able to function without her.

I wanted to ensure I recognized Veronica – the substitute care giver on Tuesday, April 22.  She was awesome and did a great job.  She was very professional and businesslike and interacted very well with Mom & Jim.  She also jumped right in and discovered that the “little leak” under the kitchen sink was much more serious!   I really appreciated how Veronica recommended a plumbing company and arranged for a free estimate.  No telling what the service would have been like if the plumbing company Jim had arranged for had actually shown up!   We are very, very pleased with the plumbing company she suggested and we are happy to report that the leak has been repaired.     

Your updates on any unusual circumstances either to my sister Stephanie or myself is critical and much appreciated.   Since Mom & Jim have no close family in San Antonio, you and your business are our eyes and ears.  Words cannot express our gratitude for the steps you personally take to ensure the best care for my Mom and Jim.  

With Mom and Jim not recognizing how perilous their situation is, and refusing to reach out to their immediate family not to mention distrusting us, we are very grateful that you recommended several elder attorneys to discuss guardianship.  Mr. M., one of the attorneys you recommended was a perfect match for us, and I am confident that we are taking the right steps to ensure that Mom & Jim are properly taken care.  

Thank you again for everything you do.
— Name withheld to protect family privacy

For additional client testimonials, please check out our website and Facebook page.

And if it is peace of mind you want for your loved one, please contact AA Care Services online, toll-free at 855-966-2273 or by calling ourlocal San Antonio, New Braunfels, or Austin phone numbers.

At AA Care Services, we provide caregivers for clients from South San Antonio to North Austin and all the surrounding 20 counties.  Whether you just to want to ask our experts some questions, or to schedule your free in-home assessment performed by a nurse; we are here for you.

Helen Trowsdale, President of AA Care Services, is a nurse administrator with over 30 years of experience as a BSN, psychiatric nurse, and geriatric care manager with adults as well as pediatrics in hospitals, private duty home health care agencies, and residential home health care. Her team of caregivers are dedicated to serving their clients with home care in San Antonio, New Braunfels, and Austin; providing clients with consistent, quality care while minimizing the number of caregivers in the home. Learn more about AA Care Services.

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