Signs that our Elderly Parents Need Help At Home

“Home is where the Heart is!”  Home is where we have all our “things” which represent our memories, and our life story.  All the places we have lived, our children who have now grown up and all the places we have travelled to, and our friends and careers.  Unfortunately, as our parents age, we begin to see the signs that they are needing increased help to remain at home.  Understandably, most seniors do not want to leave home, everything is familiar.  In homecare agencies can help to keep your elderly parents safely at home.

Some of the signs that our senior parents are needing help pertain to trouble with  basic self-care, increase incidents of falls, greater isolation, getting lost going to familiar places, and house and yard not being taken care of.

You may have noticed your parent’s hygiene slipping, or their clothes aren’t clean or they wear the same outfit several days in a row.  Some of the reasons may be that they are afraid of falling in the shower.  If they have dementia they may refuse to shower, and not remember they are wearing the same outfit for several days.

Our once active parents now spend more time sitting, or in bed.  It may be pain, illness or fear of falling that keeps them immobile.  Sometimes medications cause increase incidents of dizziness.  If you observe unexplained bruising on their skin, it is possible they are falling.  These falls can lead to broken bones.

If you notice that your elderly parents are not phoning as often or socializing with friends or family like they used to, they are becoming more isolated.  Some causes may be declining physical or mental health, depression, or fear that others may find out they need help.

Occasionally our elderly parents may report that they get lost going to the grocery store where they have been many times before.  This could be a sign of dementia, or increased anxiety when driving especially on busy roads.

If you see the house and yard are clearly not being taken care of and there are signs of disarray or clutter, chances are they are needing more help.  If your parents can’t take care of the endless dust balls, unopened mail, and uncut grass, they will not be able to take care of themselves.

These are signs that your parents need some help at home.  An in home care agency can help with all these needs for as little as four hours per day, one to two days per week.  Your parents will be relieved to receive that extra support and help!