As one of our trusted caregivers, we value your time and expertise

Interested in becoming a home health caregiver for one of the most trusted home-care agencies in Texas? Apply now to become a Caregiver/ Homemaker/Companion with AA Care Services.

Job Title: Caregiver/ Homemaker/ Companion

Reports To: Personal Assistant Services (PAS) Supervisor

Scope of Position: The Caregiver/ Homemaker/ Companion is responsible to perform personal care tasks as per definitions at 40 TAC 97.2 personal care tasks including bathing, dressing, grooming feeding, exercising, toileting, positioning, assisting with self-administered medications, routine hair and skin care, and transfer or ambulation, and other housekeeping related tasks.


1. Minimum of at least 18 years of age with demonstrated competency to perform the tasks assigned by the Supervisor.

2. Prefer at least 6 months experience and or with a C.N.A. Certificate.
Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Reports to work at the client’s home or facility on the designated days and the hours assigned.

2. Reports to the PAS Supervisor any changes requested by the client to the schedule and cannot change the schedule without office approval.

3. Performs duties/tasks, which the PAS Supervisor has oriented Caregiver/ Homemaker/Companion to perform. Tasks may include, but not limited to; supervising/assisting/performing, bathing and grooming, maintain a safe environment, planning an providing nutritious meals, assisting mobility, elimination/incontinent care, routine housekeeping tasks, medication reminders, escort/transportation services. Notifies the Supervisor of any changes in the care plan as requested by the client.

4. Notifies the office Supervisor or On Call Supervisor after hours, in advance (minimum 12 hours) if unable to work as scheduled due to illness or emergency. No shows to scheduled hours of work will be investigated by the Supervisor and possible disciplinary action taken. NO CALL/ NO SHOW is considered unreliable behavior and a voluntary non commitment to work.

5. Caregiver/ Homemaker/Companion may transport client in client’s car as assigned on the care plan, and may escort client as assigned in Client’s car or other means of transportation. Caregiver/ Homemaker/Companion may, transport client in Caregiver/ Homemaker/Companion’s vehicle.

6. Caregiver/ Homemaker/Companion may assist and remind client with their medications during working hours. Caregiver/ Homemaker/Companion may bring pre-filled weekly med planner to client to remove and take own medicine.

7. Caregiver/ Homemaker/Companion will work with client at location requested by client or family.

8. Responsible to notify PAS Supervisor of all job injuries and illness where antibiotics have been prescribed. Follows emergency procedures in the event of incident, accident, injury or significant change in client condition.

9. Responsible to report immediately to PAS Supervisor when client enters hospital, nursing home, or leaves home and there will be a break in service; or any reason that Caregiver/ Homemaker/Companion is unable to complete assigned days or hours.

10. Responsible to complete timesheet at end of each shift, including obtaining client signature, and to send or deliver timesheets to the office weekly as stipulated. The dates or signature of my client or myself cannot be before last day of the work period covered by timesheet. If the timesheet is sent to the office late or incorrect I understand my pay might be delayed.