We hope everyone is remaining healthy and safe. During this COVID 19 pandemic, we believe it is important to provide our Clients/families with a regular update.

As essential healthcare workers we have adjusted to all the requirements mandated by Federal, State, and local Authorities. We are truly grateful for our very caring staff who continue to diligently adhere to strict hygiene precautions. Although the masks and gloves have been difficult to obtain, we had purchased additional supplies before the shortages began, so we are able to provide our Caregivers the supplies they need.

Everyone has become aware of the critical nature of constant handwashing to prevent the spread of this disease. Whenever a Caregiver calls in sick, a Supervisor questions the employee regarding their symptoms, and we are recommending, if appropriate, a physician visit. All Caregivers who call in sick are called on a daily basis, and no one is allowed to return to work unless the Agency has received a physician’s release to return to work. We are also questioning the Caregiver about other family members being sick, or any exposure to anyone who has tested positive to the COVID 19 virus. We are thankful that the Caregivers who have been ill have had the usual seasonal allergies, with secondary bronchitis or sinus infections that antibiotics cure.

Our Supervisory staff continue to attend webinars, and question and answer forums to remain educated on this disease and the changing rules and regulations.

We continue to perform admissions as the elderly are still being discharged from hospitals and rehabs after recuperating from other illness or injuries. Our staff has the same care and dedication, and we thank all of you for your understanding and patience during these precarious times.

Please call us if you have any questions at 210-236-5582.