“Growin’ old ain’t for sissies!”   I hear this from many of our elderly Clients.  Aging has unexpected challenges associated with our mind and body and then suddenly we had the coronavirus pandemic sprung on all of us.  Our elderly parents have had to grapple with all the changes and complexities in medicine, health care, and insurance systems.  But something that didn’t change, was their ability to make an appointment with their physician, dentist, and follow up with all their Medical Specialists.  During the past few months, many physician’s offices were closed, or only following up with patients via virtual technology appointments.  The technology became an overwhelming challenge with many of the elderly and they just stopped calling their physician or dentist.   Aging can be difficult, but everyone tries to remain as independent as possible, and many elders will not disclose to their kids that they need help.  That nagging fear of being “put in a nursing home” is always present!  So many of our elderly suffered in silence and only ended up seeking medical attention as a last resort with that dreaded 911 call.

So who can help our aging parents during this forced time of isolation at home, or in a Facility?  Kids maintained their distance, and stopped visiting their older kin, and the Facilities prohibited family from entering the building.  So many of them were truly alone and isolated, fearful of leaving their home!

An Advocate, like the nurses we employ at AA  Care Services, are trained in geriatric care management and the disease systems of the aging body and mind can help.

  • Our nurses are available to empower your loved one to assist them to obtain care at home like assistance with personal care, housekeeping, grocery shopping, and transportation/escort services.
  • Our nurse are experienced in navigating the medical system, insurance, and following up with Specialty Doctors whether accompanying you to appointments or following up through the patient portal, or virtual appointments.
  • We will help you to make intelligent and realistic decisions about your care needs, and medical problems.
  • We will organize a system with all your medical and medication information, insurances, which can be shared at the physician’s at appointments.
  • We will call insurance companies to advocate for you and ensure you are not being overcharged or charged for services you did not receive.
  • We will write reports or summaries for you and share any information that you permit with a family member.

Consider contacting a Nurse Advocate today at AA Care Services and make the road ahead smoother for your Senior!

Helen Trowsdale, RN, BSN, Geriatric Care Manager

AA Senior Care Service